We are aware of the impact tourism can have on the environment, so we are working towards building our cottages using natural, sustainable material where possible. The straw you see covering the roof of the huts is from our fields at Coutinho’s Farm. Our walls and fixings are made of coir, in plentiful supply courtesy of the giving coconut palm. And we use (and re-use) local woods to build much of our furniture.

We also discourage the over-use of plastic by providing free water refills for our guests, and keep our power usage down by using only low energy lighting. The liners to the bins in our rooms are hand made from old newspapers to avoid using plastic. We also cool our huts using efficient ceiling fans and natural ventilation – using much less power than air conditioning units. Our hot shower water is from Solar power, all of which comes from our well, which is used only after it goes through the filtration process.

Our restaurant menu has been designed around locally sourced ingredients. We even grow our own rice! And we keep chickens at our farm, who are as free range as they come. In fact most of the time they can be found up the mango trees (yes, our pickles and jams are made with our own mangoes too!) The chickens do pop down from time to time to lay eggs, which lands up on your table. The Goan pork sausages that we serve at the restaurant are made from free range pigs reared at our Coutinho’s Farm.

We are one of the few to have on this beach to have a sewage treatment plant. The water from the treatment plant is used for gardening and the sludge and slurry is used to fertilise our coconut trees.

We still have a long way to go to becoming ‘green’, but we are committed to doing our bit to preserve Goa’s natural beauty. If you have any suggestions about how we could become greener, do let us know.