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24 Sep

What makes you happy ?

After having seen a lot of happy smiling guests at our Tapas restaurant, we start thinking about what makes people happy. Well, it took us some time to observe, notice small hints and analyze and now we’re ready to introduce our recipe of happiness:

1. People. Family, friends, beloved ones – they make our life meaningful. They are the ones who we share news and thoughts with, who cheer us up, who laugh at our jokes (even if sometimes they are not very funny… especially when they are so ?).

2. Sunset. Yep, sunset. There’s something magical and mysterious in watching the sun going down. We’ve observed it thousands of times – people see the sun off with admiration and relief like its beauty overtops the misfortune of the day.

3. Food. Psychologists say that food is the easiest way to get pleasure. Hmmm we have nothing to argue about  We believe the dishes prepared with love and passion can bring only positive vibes.

And do you know what is interesting about this recipe? It’s the main course at our restaurant ?

What makes you happy?

Thanks to @broomelindsey for the photo.

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